The earth consists of over 70% water! what better way to explore the world than SUP. At SumerSalt we set you up with everything you need to start a Stand Up Paddleboard or Surf lifestyle. Begin with a SUP rental or tour and end with a Jimmy Lewis board of your own or check out our surf gear and beach accessories, including SumerSalts own jewellery line.

  • SUP is an activity for all ages young and old, enjoy it on your own, with a friend or with your family.

  • A great advantage to SUP is the versatility. Not ready or unable to stand on the board? No worries, enjoy the sport on your knees or paddle on your stomach for a great upper body workout.

  • Looking for a great beach body? SUP can be a great full body workout, get a washboard stomach while rocking that great beach hair. 

  • Always wanted to be a surfer but felt intimidated by the required fitness level? SUP is a great way to explore the water in a similar, less daunting, way. 

  • Ready to take your SUP to the next level? Try surfing waves with your SUP board. Also check out the race boards, who knows you could win first place in a local competition.

  • Interested in taking a board home with you, shipping options available, talk to a SumerSalt rep today.